Shelf Companies

What is a Shelf Company?

A Shelf Company is a Pty (Ltd) Company, already CIPC-registered and with the following features:

a) Our Shelf Companies have never traded before.
b) They have no assets or liabilities.
c) We have registered them with the exclusive purpose of selling them to our Clients.

If you have an upcoming contract or tender for which you only have a limited time to apply, and you need a registered company immediately, then a Shelf Company may be your best or only option. You can contact us free from your cellphone on toll free number 0800007269.

What are the advantages of a Shelf Company?

a) Get your Company Registration number immediately.
b) It is possible to start trading with a Shelf Company immediately.
c) With a Shelf Company a trading name is already registered.

Price for a Shelf Company?

Only R 1990


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