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Over 50 000 South Africans (just like you) have used us since 2006 to Register a Company Easy and Fast!


Here are 10 reasons to choose us:

1. We are a 1-stop-shop. We assist you to register a company online or over your phone – easy and fast. We can also assist with many other tender services like tax clearance, COID, letter of good standing, vat registration etc.

2. Anyone, anywhere can use our service – it does not matter where in South Africa you live – we can assist you.

3. Be assisted by a dedicated, experienced consultant whom you can contact directly.

4. Pricing. We offer affordable pricing and you also get a free website design, business bank account and BEE affidavit included in the price (optional). We guarantee success – or your money back.

5. Our Tracking System. Our system constantly updates you on your company registration process via sms, WhatsApp and email.

6. We deal directly with CIPC and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – you do not need to worry about this.

7. Admin. We complete the necessary CIPC forms correctly and review everything for your registration to be successful. You will then receive an email with your company registration documents for you to start trading.

8. Timeframes. We register your new Company as fast as possible. There are no backlogs on our side, and we monitor the process with government to help minimise any delays with them. Most companies are registered within 1 working day.

9. Legitimacy. You can verify the existence of your company registration on CIPC’s database once we are finished.

10. Client Feedback. We have assisted thousands of South Africans over the years and have received excellent client feedback on Google.

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FAQ's on Company Registration:

How long does a New Company Registration take?
We register most new companies within 24 hours / 1 working day.

What is needed for a New Company Registration in South Africa?
In most cases we do not require any documents from you. You only need: Access to the internet or your cell phone, Email address, ID / Passport number and be at least 18-years of age.

How does our Company Registration work?
1. You can sign up from any place in South Africa or the world. Our system is 100% online. All you need is internet access or your cell phone.
2. After we’ve cleared your new PTY’s Name at the CIPC, we guarantee a company name for you at no extra cost. If, for some reason, your company name is not accepted, we will reapply for a new company name at our own cost (free to you).
3. Once the service is finalised we will send you everything you need relating to your new company registration: from your official CIPC Company Certificate (CoR14.3 / CK) to your Appointment of Incorporators and Directors Forms (CoR14.1 and CoR14.1A) and your Memorandum of Incorporation (CoR15.1A).
4. You’ll get a free tax number, free official BEE affidavit, free website design and free business bank account when you register a new company through us (optional).
5. You can choose any of our online payment options, including EFT transfer, credit card and payment at major retailers in South Africa. Ask about our money-back guarantee.

What are the benefits to register a company in South Africa?
1. You protect your personal life and assets from your business operations.
2. You look more professional when you operate under a registered company name.
3. Most Suppliers and Government Departments require businesses to be registered as a Company to apply for their Tenders and Contracts.

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